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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Your Product More Expensive than Several of Your Competitors?

The truth of the matter is that Cheaper is Never Better, especially when it comes to wearing a product in your mouth. Let us explain. There are basically 3 additional competitors in this industry in the USA that pricing is similar to ours. The 4th competitor is way overpriced and sells a set of removable veneers for well over $2,000.

We will be addressing the other 3 competitors that sell Removable Veneers from $470 - $1,500. Please remember a few key points when doing your research.

Two of these 3 competitors are one in the same company. Their pricing only differs from each other by around $100 for a set ($470 vs $570). These companies are an Indian based company (only offering one model of veneers) and their veneers are made in India (very cheap) where they are not FDA Compliant. They use a satellite office in Florida & Texas to make themselves look like they are USA based but indeed email your impressions to an Indian based lab where your veneers are created and then shipped back to their satellite offices in FL where the veneers are packaged and shipped to the client to make them look like they are created in the USA.

We've ordered their veneers to compare and they are thin and flimsy and will stain. Did you pick up on what we just said? They STAIN!!! Not only will they stain but they are so thin and flimsy that they broke on us while we were gently cleaning the veneers with a soft bristle toothbrush. Also remember, you can not eat or drink with their veneers even if they say you can. Trust us, we've tried with the sample sets we ordered and they broke immediately.

The 3rd competitor is a UK based company (and offers 3 different models; $800, $950 & $1,500) similar to us but also has a satellite office based in the USA (as of Summer 22, in Wilmington, NC but use to be in Chicago) with a lab that they only use to ship the impression kits with. Their veneers are manufactured in China. So you would be receiving a China based product where there are no FDA regulations and since this product is going in your mouth, this is a big red flag. Not to mention, who wants to support China!!!

Our veneers are the only veneers on the market for under $1,000 that are made by a licensed dental laboratory in the USA. We have a much stronger and better quality product than any of the 3 listed above. You not only can eat and drink with our veneers but they do not stain either. Not only this but our customer service is parallel to none. Just check our Google reviews (currently at a 4.6 Star Rating) and also check us out with the Better Business Bureau (BBB A+ Rating) where we are the only clip on veneer company with an A+ Rating!!! We also have a 4.8 Star Rating with Birdeye with over 630, 5 Star Reviews!!

Check the complaints about the other companies. Competitor A has an F Rating with the BBB and only a 2.5 Star Rating with Yelp, Competitor B has 3.5 Star Rating with Trust Pilot, Competitor C has only a 2.8 Star Rating with Trust Pilot, Competitor D has a very low 1.2 Star Rating with Pissed Consumer Reviews & Competitor E has an F Rating also with the BBB, a 1.5 Star Rating with Yelp and a poor 1.8 Star Rating with Pissed Consumer Reviews. 

Don't take our word for why we are the best, take the Better Business's word as well as the "Pissed Consumer Reviews Site".  

We don't claim to be the cheapest, we claim to be the BEST!!! 

So now you see, is it really worth only paying $25 - $100 more for a much superior product?

Why Should I Choose Removable Veneers USA

At Removable Veneers USA, we are dedicated to excellence and committed to customer satisfaction. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your customized removable veneers, Removable Veneers USA is willing to redo or remake your veneers up to three times at no cost to the client, providing your veneers are not damaged by cracks or fractures and are returned in their original condition.

What are Our Removable Veneers Made of:

Our veneers are made of an FDA Approved Patented Special Dental Resin, made exclusively for Removable Veneers USA.

What is Your Refund Policy:

Removable Veneers USA offers no returns or refunds of our clip on veneers as every set of veneers are custom made for each client. If the client is not satisfied, Removable Veneers USA is willing to redo or remake the client's veneers up to three times at no cost to the client, providing your veneers are not damaged by cracks or fractures and are returned in their original condition.


Removable Veneers vs Porcelain Veneers?

Traditional veneers can be painful, involving multiple doctor visits, drilling, needles, and unneeded pain. Not only that, but cosmetic dentists can charge upwards of $2,000 per tooth. At Removable Veneers USA, our innovative process will keep money in your pocket and your life pain free. Upon your order, a set of impression kits will be sent to you, where you can make a cast of your mouth in the comfort of your own home. A design consultant will also be assigned to ensure your snap on veneers are exactly the size, color, and shape you need them to be. Send it back to us, and within days, you’ll receive your hand-made, custom clip on veneers! Simply snap them into place and show the world your smile!

Removable Custom Clip On Veneers Snap Right Over Your Existing Teeth While Hiding Any Imperfections You May Have. You can even eat and drink with our Premium Plus Model!

Can I eat and drink while I'm wearing my veneers and how about smoking & kissing?

Yes, absolutely you can eat & drink while wearing them. We are the only "Clip On Veneer" company to offer veneers that you can truly eat in for under $1,000!!! None of our competitors models are built strong enough for this, as we've purchased them and tried them out. Our Premium Plus model is the model you want to purchase for "Every Day Use" and to "Eat & Drink" with. You will save hundreds, even thousands of dollars with our product compared to other competitors who truly offer this. This is what truly sets us apart from our competitors. Our removable veneers are built stronger and can handle the pressure of eating in. One More HUGE difference also is that our veneers do not stain and all of our competitors who sell veneers for under $1,000 will stain if you eat and drink with them!!! Oh, and by the way, you can also smoke & even kiss with them! We encourage you to wear them.

Is it true that I won't need to visit a dentist and that there are no needles or pain involved?

Yes, this is correct. No dentist appointment is needed. There is absolutely no pain associated with the process or needles! Removable Veneers USA will send you an impression kit and detailed instructions of how to take perfect impressions of your teeth at home with no dentist visit at all. We even offer you several customer service phone numbers to contact us so we may be of assistance is guiding you through the process. We also offer a video tutorial on this website to help assist as well. Just click HERE and you can see for yourself!

Will I have a lisp?

Your mouth is a sensitive place, and anything new inside your mouth will take a little adjustment. Your veneers may cause a slight lisp when first worn. This is not permanent, and it’s worth remembering that even fixed veneers cause a lisp when they are first fitted. Usually this lisp will be gone after 72 hours. The more you wear and talk in them, the faster you’ll become accustomed to them.

Will the veneers become discolored from wearing or drinking dark drinks over time?

No, Not with our Premium Plus Model and as long as you wash the veneers with the provided soft brush, soap and Cleaning tablets such as “Efferdent” at the end of each day, they will not discolor.

Does it hurt to wear the veneers or are they uncomfortable?

No. Your veneers simply clip on over the top of your natural teeth for an instant transformation. It’s totally secure and won’t move or cause any damage to your existing teeth.

How long can I wear the veneers each day?

You can wear them as long as you wish daily. We encourage you to take them off at night time while you sleep and clean them overnight. If you choose to wear them all day long, your real teeth will need to breathe or air out overnight.

When should I expect my veneers to be delivered?

After Removable Veneers USA receives your teeth impressions, it usually takes around 30 business days to manufacture and ship your veneers. However, if you would like them faster, We do offer 3 Different Rush Processing Options to choose from at checkout. Option #1 Rush Processing (21-25 Business Days) for $99, Option #2 Ultra Rush Processing (14-21 Business Days) for $149 or Option #3 Super Ultra Rush Processing (7-14 Business Days) for $249 (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE). *Please remember that the processing days start once we receive the approved impressions back from the client, not from the day that the client orders.

When will I receive my impression kit?

We’ll ship your Removable Veneers USA self-impression kit the next working day from the day of purchase (Monday thru Friday, excluding Public Holidays), so that you can start taking your impressions as soon as possible. We’ll send you an email with all the relevant information as soon as it’s left our Removable Veneers USA office.

Remember, Your impression kit will need to be signed for. Please make sure that you provide your correct shipping address; Removable Veneers USA cannot be held responsible for undelivered packages where an incorrect address has been provided.

How fast can I get my veneers?

We offer 3 different shipping options: We understand that you might want your removable veneers for a special occasion, and on short notice. Standard Processing (FREE) usually takes around 30 business days from receiving a suitable impression. Expedited Processing ($99 @ checkout) usually takes 21-25 business days and Ultra Expedited Processing ($149 @ checkout) takes 14-21 business days or Super Ultra Expedited Processing which only take 7-14 business days ($249 @ checkout) (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE).  *Please remember that the processing days start once we receive the approved impressions back from the client, not from the day that the client orders.

How do I go about starting my order?

It’s easy and fast to get your veneers. Once you’ve hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, you’ll then be able to select your model of choice, shade color and choose how quickly you would like to receive your veneers, then proceed to the checkout.

As soon as we’ve got your order, we’ll send you your self-impression kit. Use the enclosed step-by-step guide and our impression video to make a mold of your teeth for our licensed dental lab to use. This is a very important step, as our veneers are made to measure. We need an accurate mold of your teeth to make veneers that seamlessly clip/snap on over your existing teeth. Once you’ve taken your impressions, leave them somewhere safe to dry before placing them in the zip lock bag provided. Fill out all the details on the front of the postcard included, and then send it back to us in the pre-paid envelope by dropping it off at any United States Postal drop. You’re now just weeks away from your new smile.

One of our skilled technicians will check your impressions, and when they have passed our quality assessment we can start making your Removable Veneers. We will send you your new smile within 30 days.

What shades are available?

Not everyone’s smile is the same, and that goes for teeth color too. Whether you would like a whiter smile for special occasions or are looking for clip-on veneers that will blend in seamlessly with your own teeth, we have the three most popular/common shades to suit you. Choosing a shade color shouldn’t be a difficult decision and the more options you have the harder it could be. After much research, We have narrowed down the choices that 99.9% of our customers would have chose if given 4 or 5 shade options. Use our shade guide to help you pick the perfect color.

BL1 Celebrity White – So, you want a dazzling Hollywood smile? This is our whitest, brightest shade that gives the appearance of whitened teeth.’

A1 Natural White – A whiter shade than your average smile, this is the most naturally white a tooth can be.

A2 Champagne WhiteA2 Shade Color is going to be more dull looking than A1 obviously, but it is also recommended for a more mature adult.

Click Here to See the Shade Difference

How long will my veneers last?

Our removable veneers are made from durable dental-grade material, and are designed to last as needed. Of course, the model you choose and how you care for your veneers will contribute to its longevity. For example, if you use them daily and eat and drink in them frequently, they will wear more than if you only use them for special occasions. Our Premium Plus Model Veneers Have Been Designed with Enhanced Durability to last longer with everyday wear. Both our Premium Model & Premium Plus Model Veneers come with a 30-day manufacturing warranty, with an option at checkout to purchase our 12-month extended warranty. We additionally offer an extended 2 Year Warranty after purchase as well if interested.