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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is fixed over an existing tooth. Generally, they are fitted for the purpose of protecting a weak tooth, covering up unsightly discoloration, breaks, cracks, or otherwise misshapen teeth. This dental procedure is one of the most widely available and popular and is sometimes even installed for the purpose of supporting other types of dental procedures, such as “holding” a dental bridge in place.

If you are considering getting a dental crown to improve the appearance of your teeth, it is important to know the dental procedure required to get one fitted. For a crown to be installed, there needs to be an existing tooth present to be filed down to accommodate for the crown. Following this, an impression of the filed tooth is taken and used as a guide to create the dental crown, and while the crown is being made you will have to wear a temporary crown before returning once again to the dentist.

The cost of a dental crown is another important factor to consider. Depending on who you get the procedure completed by you are looking at paying $1,100 -$1,500 for a single crown, for example.


Removable Veneers are a Perfect Alternative to Dental Crowns

After researching the different dental options to mask an unsightly tooth, you may be wondering if there is another, more cost-friendly option, which doesn’t require a visit to the dentist and that’s not so expensive.

Luckily, Removable Veneers USA offers an affordable alternative to dental crowns, and each step can be completed from the comfort of your own home, unlike the dental crown process. By using the convenient Impression kit to take the exact dental molds of your teeth, we can create a set of veneers that are custom-made for you.

The Easy Alternatives to Dental Crowns / Snap On Veneers

  • A more affordable alternative to other cosmetic veneer and dentistry issues
  • Custom made to maximize comfort and natural look
  • No dental visits or complex procedures required
  • Simply clip into place so they can be taken in and out as desired
  • 3 different shades to choose from
  • 2 different models to choose from (daily or occasional wear)


As you can see, Cosmetic Removable Dental Veneers from Removable Veneers USA offers you a variety of benefits and a solution for the insecurities or frustrations that you may endure when you smile. If you have struggled with sharing your smile, do not wait any longer to get the SMILE that you deserve. Snap On Veneers are a great alternative!!  You can order your Snap On Veneers today, and you’ll have a smile that you love in just a few short weeks. Shop our Removable Dental Veneers Today!! We love helping those that would otherwise not be able to smile.

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