Choosing The Shade Of Your Veneers

Choosing The Shade Of Your
Veneers - Celebrity or Natural White.You're Gonna Love Your New Smile!

Every individual looking to buy snap-on teeth online has their own unique personality and taste, so it stands to reason that the shade of clip-on veneers that feels perfect to you might not be precisely what someone else is looking for.

At Removable Veneers USA, we understand that purchasing clip in veneers is a highly personal process, which is why we aim to provide a simple and customized solution for those looking to seamlessly enhance the appearance of their natural smile.

Though it might seem that having more shade options when selecting your snap on veneers would be preferable, we have found that 99.9% of our customers select one of two shade choices, even when presented with a handful of options.

In order to simplify the process as much as possible, we offer our press on veneers in these two most popular shades:

Natural White (A1)

Natural White — If you want a smile that’s whiter than average but still looks organic, then this shade is ideal for you. Natural White is the lightest shade that teeth can achieve naturally.

Celebrity White (BL1)

Celebrity White — For those who want to dazzle friends and family with their pearly whites, then this is your shade! The brightest shade available, Celebrity White gives the appearance of perfectly whitened teeth.

We will make exceptions with a third color option if necessary, and this option is the "Champagne White (A2)" option. However 99% of our clients choose Natural White or Celebrity White.

Not only does Removable Veneers USA strive to satisfy every customer with our aesthetic options, but we also aim to make the process of purchasing clip in veneers as simple as possible. Our easy-to-use dental impression kits allow you to take molds and order your veneers without dedicating far too much time or effort.

True to our name, Removable Veneers USA makes our veneers in the United States, unlike our competitors. If you’re ready to feel proud of your smile, Click the "Shop Now" button or call or text us today with any questions at 704-236-4181.