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7 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Smile

There’s a certain amount of mystery surrounding shiny smile veneers, and we’re here to help solve it! Removable Veneers instantly clip on to your existing teeth acting as snap on veneers to improve your smile for a confidence-boosting, years-younger new look! Forget expensive, painful, time-consuming dentist visits to correct gaps or broken, missing or stained teeth. The process of achieving high quality, long lasting, natural looking smiles for a brighter image is relatively simple. Learn more about why we are the best clip on veneers on the market!

Step 1Select your veneers

Your Dream Smile Made Affordable! Choose from 3 models tailored to fit your needs. Multiple payment options at checkout, including 0% interest 100% financing. Get the perfect clip-on veneers that suit both you and your budget.






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Step 2Select Your Veneer Shade

Although our two most popular colors by far are "Natural White (A1) & Celebrity White (BL1), we do offer a third shade color which is our darkest color and we call it Champagne White (A2)

Step 3Order Your Veneers

Order Your New Smile Today! We'll ship your impression kit within 24 hrs, with FREE 2-3 Day Delivery Priority Mail Shipping and tracking, all on us!

Step 4Take Pictures

Easy Impression Process: Snap a couple of pictures of your impressions and teeth—no need to worry, our design consultant will guide you. Email them to with your name and order number. We'll ensure a perfect fit for your new clip-on veneers!

Step 5Make Impressions

Perfect Your Impressions for a Flawless Fit for your press on veneers! Follow our step-by-step instructions in the included kit or watch our instructional video for making a great impression!

Download a pdf of the instructions

Step 6Send Back Impression Kit

After your impression dries, simply place it into the convenient and secure return package included with your kit, fill out the information card, and mail your impressions in your "Postage Paid" envelope to Removable Veneers USA. You're well on your way and we’ll take it from here! 

Step 7Receive Your New Removable Veneers

You'll receive your new custom fit, shiny smile veneers shipped ("Priority Mail with Tracking") directly from our Licensed Dental Lab to your mailbox in approximately 14-20 business days!

From here, Put on your snap on veneers and let the world see your smile! No need to change your routine, you can eat with them, drink with them, and wear them all day long.

It really is that easy to get the smile you’ve always wanted with Removable Veneers USA press on veneers. Remember, No drilling, needles, pain, or uncomfortable dentist visits!! Don’t wait another day to Smile and Shine! Order now and experience the power of a perfect smile with the best clip on veneers!