Essential For Comfortable Online Veneers For Teeth

Therefore perfect impressions equal perfect veneers! Knowing this, you may worry about the process of making a dental impression at home. Let us assure you that the process is simple and straightforward. In fact, 90% of our clients get a perfect set of dental impressions on their first attempt. Just remember to take your time, exercise patience, and reach out to your advisor (if needed) so they may help walk you through the process.


Removable Veneer Impressions!

Having clients do their own impressions from home has become effective, convenient and is inexpensive when compared to having to go to a dentist office for impressions. This method of self-impressions from home has become very popular among the dental community. In fact, this trend has become so popular that there are companies that sell braces, retainers and teeth whitening kits (online) and each of those companies require their client to do their own impressions from home. This trend of taking self-impressions has become the #1 “No Hassle” way to deliver precise measurements of your teeth without ever having to go to a dentist’s office.

3 Simple Steps


When you order your removable veneers, we will send you an impression kit with everything you need, including an instruction card with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Simply follow the steps to create a perfect impression. We’ve also prepared a “Tutorial Video” which will walk you through the process. You may also download a set of instructions below.


Once you’ve made your impressions, you’ll be directed to take a few pictures and text those to us, so we can approve or disapprove the impressions. Once approved, you’ll simply drop them into the prepaid mailer we send you. Your new Snap-On veneers will be made precisely to fit you. Unlike our competitors, our lab is located in the USA, so you can feel great, knowing that your smile will not only be beautiful but also be American made.


Our at-home dental impression kit makes it easy to get removable instant veneers at home! To see how perfect your smile can be, call or text us at 704-236-4181. We will determine if our veneers are right for you, and if so, start you on the road to your most beautiful smile!