The current terms and conditions and warranty info is available to be downloaded here.

Our Premium & Premium Plus Models both come with a standard 30-day Manufacturing Warranty which starts from the day you receive your product. This covers any product defects that are deemed to have occurred in the manufacturing process. The Premium Plus Model comes with an Extended 1 Year Warranty.

If there is a problem with the fit or feel of the product once you receive it, it is  important to note that you will need to send us photographs or a video via email to: info@RemovableVeneersUSA.com clearly identifying the problem.

*Warranty claims will not be authorized without the pictures, images or video (showing the defect or problems) that you will submit by email.

Covered Under the Warranty (30-day Manufacturing Warranty) 

  • Product is short on the gum line (teeth visible behind product)
  • Loose or very tight fit
  • Rough edges
  • Crack / hairline fracture
  • Made to incorrect goals
  • Made to the wrong shade

If the product is defective but fits the gum line, new impressions will not be required. We will: Remake the product free of charge. If the product has a fit issue, we will require a new impression in which case we will send one complimentary impression kit.

NOT Covered Under the Warranty

  • Misuse or Loss of the Product
  • Changes to your dental profile since the impression was accepted
  • Accidental Damage
  • Shade Changes
  • Unauthorized repairs
  • Expectation issues
  • Any pre-mature cracking or breaking due to the client eating where there are no teeth to support the chewing (so basically what this means is, if you crack your veneers where you have a missing tooth or gap, the warranty does not cover the damage)

Extended Warranty

We do offer a 1 year extended warranty for both Premium & Premium Plus Models. This 1 year warranty covers breakage or damage only. There is a $99 charge for the Warranty at the time of checkout when purchasing the Premium Model veneers. The Premium Plus Model includes this $99 charge and is FREE with purchase.

If you file a claim within the first 12 months of purchasing the warranty, there will be a $150 co-pay (per arch) due at the time of redemption of the warranty for the Premium Model and a $250 co-pay (per arch) for the Premium Plus Model.