Guide to Snap On Veneers - removable-veneers

Everyone wants a picture-perfect smile, but few people are willing to go through the painful and invasive process of getting permanent dental veneers. Luckily, you can get temporary veneers, which are painless and affordable. They can help to hide some imperfections in your teeth, giving you an improved smile.

What Are Temporary Veneers?

If you want a smile makeover, snap-in veneers can help you achieve that by hiding blemishes in your teeth. They are a set of clip-in veneers, similar to a mouth guard, which you slip over your teeth. Veneers give a more beautiful smile by covering-over imperfections like uneven or crooked teeth and gaps.

You do not have to see a dentist for clip-in veneers. You use an impression kit provided by Removable Veneers USA, and with this, you can take your dental impressions at home and send the molds by mail back to our lab. They will use your impressions to make veneers, and as soon as you get them, you can snap them onto your teeth.

How Do You Ensure Your Clip-in Veneers Do Not Fall Off?

Snap-on veneers which are for hiding teeth blemishes often appear light, but they are made from dental-grade polymers which grip to your natural teeth somewhat like a dental retainer would.

Are you worried about your veneers falling off? Your snap-on veneers can fall off due to sudden impacts like being hit by a ball on the mouth. If you play sports, it is best to remove the veneers and use a proper mouth guard and faceguard to protect your mouth and facial area from impacts.

Sticky foods can also be problematic since they stick on your veneers. Therefore, it can be a good idea to avoid sticky gums, toffee, and hard food that can put a lot of pressure on your veneer. You should also clean your veneers regularly since they are susceptible to food, sugar, etc. collecting on the surface.

If you take good care of them, they often last for a long time.


Can You Eat With Temporary Veneers?

You can eat with our Premium Plus Model but ensure the food is fairly light to prevent any unwanted damage / unwelcome movement. If you have to take staining liquids with your  veneers on, consider using a straw to avoid staining and rinse your mouth after every meal. We do sell specialist cleaning products, one thing to note is you should not use regular toothpaste or hard brushes as these can damage the surface of the veneer.

Removable Veneers USA can help you get clip on veneers to cover over your teeth imperfections so that you can smile with added confidence. Besides, you do not have to undergo complex dental treatment to achieve an enhanced smile. Once you send us your molds, our expert technicians in our licensed dental lab will get to work on your custom-made clip-on veneer.