How Are Clip On Veneers Made? - removable-veneers
If you have been looking for the best non-dental alternative to improve the looks of your teeth & smile, then press on veneers are for you. Even as you consider this solution, you should ensure that your veneers are professionally designed to fit you well. They are an affordable solution for individuals looking to hide the imperfection they might have in how their smile looks.

What Are Clip on Veneers?

Clip-on-veneers are products that you fit around and over your natural teeth. People use them to enhance the cosmetic look of their teeth. Veneers make your teeth look straighter and whiter. Compared to traditional, permanent veneers, these are easy to get and they are also cost-effective.

Process of Making Press on Veneers

Removable Veneers are easy to use and should not cause any adverse side effects although you may need a little time to get used to wearing them.

Once you have provided your Smile Consultant with the mold, we process the whole thing. Traditional veneers are made from two materials, which are dental porcelain and composite. However, the snap on veneers are made from resin or polymer, which is a readily available, dental-safe material, which helps make them easily affordable.

Once we have your impression we use it to make a physical 3D model replica of your teeth. This model is then checked to make sure it looks good enough to make your veneers. If it is we use the physical model to make a virtual model of your teeth and we then use advanced manipulation software to design any desired changes to the appearance of your teeth and we use this redesigned model, to manufacture your veneer. Once the veneers have been made, which can take up to 3 weeks from when we first receive your impressions, we quality check the finished appearance and test the fit of the new veneers on the original model of your teeth – we only send the veneers out to you if we are happy with the finished result.


Once your veneers are ready, your technician will inform by text and will give you updated tracking information so you will know exactly when your new veneers will arrive. When you get your new veneers you will need to make sure they fit correctly, if not just contact us and we will be happy to resolve the problem.

The process of making your new veneers should only take around three weeks.

You are advised to have your veneers made only by highly experienced technicians, like the technicians who work for us, so that you only get veneers of the best quality.

Clip on veneers is an affordable solution for those who would like to have better looking teeth. Reach out to Removable Veneers USA, the #1 Snap On Veneer Company in the USA, when you are ready to move forward!!!

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