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When it comes to looking after the health and appearance of our teeth, it’s fair to say that there are more options for cosmetic solutions to aesthetic problems than there have ever been. When it comes to one of the most popular options, i.e., smile veneers, USA consumers have a lot of misconceptions.


Clip in, or clip on veneers are a non-permanent solution for existing teeth to improve their appearance with a whole new brighter image! They can hide multiple imperfections such as chips and cracks and discoloration or just provide a whiter smile.

Clip-on, non-permanent veneers have become increasingly popular due to their affordability, but many are still not taking advantage of them due to misconceptions and widespread rumors that, in reality, are untrue. Here are some of the myths about teeth veneers cleared up.

“They Are Too Cheap to Last”

Thanks to massive advancements in technology, non-permanent, clip on veneers are no longer the expensive pieces of equipment that they used to be. Don’t assume that a lower price means lower quality and therefore shorter-life, because that simply isn’t the case in the 21st century. If you take good care of them, it's likely you will get good use out of an "instasmile" type veneer.

“They Are Not Comfortable”

Getting shiny smile veneers isn’t any kind of ‘one size fits all’ situation. Each new customer’s clip-on veneers are molded to their specific mouth dimensions or dental profile, which means that they fit perfectly around the existing teeth and/or gums in order to achieve maximum comfort. The thinness of the veneers allows them to sit directly on top of existing teeth with no or minimal extra friction around the gums.

“They Don’t Look Realistic”

While some examples of clip on veneers, especially veneers from a few years back, are not particularly realistic looking, the difference in old examples and modern-day examples really is night and day, especially if the customer selects their clip-on veneers from our Premium Plus Veneers. Our Premium Plus Veneers are made using high-grade dental resin and are hand-finished with features that replicate the surface appearance of real tooth enamel.

Customers have a choice of shades, with the added benefit of achieving a straighter, more uniform smile aesthetic (if desired). You would be surprised by the number of people you see on an average day who are wearing veneers that you haven’t even noticed!

One point to bear in mind is that shade choice can make a difference. Very bright shades such as BL1 (Celebrity White) will attract attention but cannot look completely natural as teeth are never naturally as bright as BL1, also very bright shades can make things seem a bit larger than they are- this is a trick of the eye. Bleached shades are great for those that want to stand out, but for those seeking a more natural look, A1 or BL4 could be better choices.

“They Stain Too Easily”

The truth is that removable veneers in the USA are arguably not as susceptible to staining from things like coffee, red wine, and tea, as say, natural teeth. Natural veneers are made from porcelain or a special composite which is manufactured especially to be as resistant as possible to any kind of stain, and similarly, the materials used for clip-in veneers are non-porous, so will generally resist staining. Surface deposits can generally be removed using warm soapy water and gentle rubbing with a soft-head brush, or you can use special cleaning tablets designed for use with appliances of this kind- details on our website. As long as you follow a recommended oral hygiene routine, the risk of permanent staining is minimal.

If you are interested in our range of clip in veneers, speak with our consultants today, who will be happy to explain the process and the benefits or find more on our website.

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