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Are there Affordable Alternatives to Tooth Bridges?

If you’re missing teeth, a tooth bridge or dental bridge is another alternative to tooth replacement. This very aggressive dental procedure usually consists of crowns as well as dental bridges, which requires a substantial commitment. The procedure needed for a tooth bridge usually requires a patient to have the enamel grounded off or sanded down from the neighboring teeth to support the bridge.

 3D Rendering of Jaw with Dental Bridge

With the above information in mind, there are four different types of dental bridges and the option chosen will depend on the level of stress that the bridge will take in the bite force area. For example, stronger and more durable bridges will be needed for areas with high or strong bite force such as molars. These stronger bridges consist of procedures that require a more burdensome commitment.

We offer a great alternative to this dental bridge procedure with Snap On Veneers. Our Clip on Veneers are less expensive (starting at only $399 for a full upper set), faster to make, and non-invasive!! It’s such a quicker alternative to all types of teeth problems and the Removable Veneer Industry is growing at such a fast pace because of these issues!

 Real Image of a Snap On Smile


What are Tooth Bridges Used For?

There are several reasons why you may need a dental bridge procedure, but the obvious reason lies within the name “Bridge.”

These are the top 4 Common Reasons A Client would consider a dental bridge:

  1. Restoring Your Smile: If you have gaps in your teeth and the surrounding teeth need attention, you may feel the bridge will be an ideal option for restoring portions of your smile at a time.
  2. Helps To Maintain The Shape of Your Face: Our dental profile and jaw play a significant role in keeping our face a certain shape. Our natural teeth tend to shift as we grow older, changing the shape of our faces.
  3. Oral Health Protection: To make sure that your bite is even, bridges will be put in place. Your surrounding natural teeth could suffer if your bite is uneven.
  4. A Dental Bridge is a Dental Implant Alternative: The dental implant procedure is too invasive and extreme and too costly as well! A bridge provides a good alternative solution while avoiding the expensive costs and major dental work

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