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It’s fair to say that of all the different kinds of cosmetic procedures that are available throughout the country, that can give you a brighter image.  The process of attaining shiny smile clip on veneers is one of the easiest and one of the most common. If you are looking for a solution that is pain-free, dentist appointment free, and most important of all, affordable, then clip on veneers from Removable Veneers USA is definitely something to consider for attaining an instasmile.


If your teeth are discolored, uneven, crooked, or perhaps even missing in crucial areas, then clip on veneers can be the answer to all of your problems. It’s a simple and effective way to restore a perfect smile for a fraction of the cost of dental surgery!

With all of that in mind, here is some general information about the cost of clip on veneers for a trusmile:

  • The most basic package (Premium Model) you can purchase for clip-on veneers will cost in the region of $599 for an upper arch and a lower arch. This package offers three different shade choice options, with an extra $450 payable if you would like a spare set of upper or lower veneers.
  • The highest quality but more expansive package (Premium Plus Model) raises the cost to $899. For this higher cost, you get the same options as above, and adding to it is a stronger material that you may eat and drink with your veneers, as well as this model, is made to wear daily. This model will also not stain and looks more realistic.


While both package options are of great quality, there are a few slight differences that justify the cost difference. The Premium Model veneers are not recommended for everyday/all-day wear, and you may not eat with them, whereas the Premium Plus Model veneers can be worn during the day for as long as the wearer intends. There is a higher level of natural detailing with the Premium Plus Model veneers, giving them a more ‘realistic’ finish in the mouth, especially when looking “close-up.” As you might expect, as well as the Premium Plus Model veneers also boast a higher grade material in their manufacturing, accounting for a significant portion of the raised cost.

Ultimately, the choice you make will likely come down to your budget for veneers and your specific needs. Whether you opt for the Premium or Premium Plus Model is up to you, but regardless of choice, one thing that is guaranteed for either package is a high level of quality and expert help to assure you end up with the smile you deserve.

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