Why Removable Veneers Are Here To Stay - removable-veneers

rIn today’s landscape, there is no reason why every single person should not be able to achieve a healthy and winning smile. For many, this smile can come in the form of temporary veneers that are able to be removed and replaced whenever you need them.


In the past, some people have been cautious regarding temporary veneers as there has been a fear about the longevity of them and how well they can remain adhered in place, but at this stage in 21st-century technology, that is not something that customers need to worry about. With this in mind, here is some vital information about why Removable Veneers are here to stay, quite literally!

  • In general, when your veneers are made from high quality dental grade polymer / acetal resin, they should have no trouble whatsoever in staying attached over teeth.
  • When expertly produced to fit the individual user’s set of teeth, such as those produced by our in-house technologists here at Removable Veneers USA,  veneers can prove to be extremely durable and visually pleasing to the extent that people will not even notice you don’t have your ‘natural’ set of teeth on display.
  • Veneers detaching unprompted and falling off is very much the exception rather than the rule these days. There is always going to be a small percentage of bad luck in certain cases, but you should rest assured that a case of your veneers falling off without you trying to actively remove them is going to be very, very unlikely.


  • Those with permanent veneers may need to discuss with their dentist a protective night guard in order to prevent teeth grinding having an adverse effect for someone prone to grinding (bruxism). This extra force can have the impact of putting pressure on the precisely placed permanent veneers and can eventually lead to them dislodging. This is not an issue for  Removable Veneers USA, as they are removed at night, preserving the shelf life of the veneers.
A Snap On Smile with our Premium Quality Veneers will look as natural as possible, and you can even choose the shade of your clip-in veneers.  Also, even though they are temporary veneers, when you choose from Removable Veneers USA the Premium Plus Model, you can wear your new clip on veneers every day. So contact Removable Veneers USA today to discover the many benefits of temporary veneers.
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