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Making an investment in snap-on veneers is the same as making an investment in your confidence and comfort in your own skin. At Removable Veneers USA, we understand that it’s not always possible to have the extra money on hand to make this investment; that’s why we offer several veneer payment plan options.

If you would prefer to avoid affecting your credit much in the process of financing your clip-on veneers, Affirm is an excellent way to defer payments without compounding interest or late fees. Affirm allows you to choose your payment pace so there are no surprises in terms of hidden fees along the way.

Affirm Financing partners with brands to provide customers with low-cost financing; they’re a reputable credit provider trusted by a wide range of top companies.

Removable Veneers USA aims to make our products accessible to anyone looking to buy snap-on teeth online through financing, particularly those who are passionate about buying American-made items. Unlike our competitors, Removable Veneers USA makes our clip in veneers in the United States, and our financing options place our products within grasp for all potential customers.

While Affirm is an excellent outside financing option for those hoping to avoid credit impacts or who have worked with Affirm in the past, there is still other recourse for paying for your press on veneers if you apply and are declined by Affirm. Our in-house veneer payment plan option is incredibly transparent: there are no forms, no credit checks, and every one of our customers is automatically approved so there’s no question that you can afford the smile of your dreams.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel confident in their smile, and veneer financing through Affirm provides that chance without any negative repercussions, regardless of your current financial situation. Get started with your clip in veneers payment plan by clicking on the "Shop Now" button or calling or texting 704-236-4181 today.