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The simple answer is yes; you can get new shiny smile veneers even without laying out all your cash to pay for it upfront. Continue reading, and we can show you two ways to get to get financing for your new snap on veneers if you purchase with 

Clip on veneers are appliances that are used to change how your smile looks for an instant brighter image. These teeth veneers are temporary, which means that you can remove them easily at any time.


Unlike traditional veneers that are permanent and require dental work to install or remove, you won’t need a dentist’s assistance to fit or remove your instasmile or clip on veneers.

Removable Veneers have been very instrumental in helping people to restore their beautiful and glowing trusmile. The product has become very popular due to  the fact that many people do not have enough money to layout for expensive cosmetic dental work.

As a result, providers such as ourselves at Removable Veneers USA decided to help our customers by coming up with policies that allow clients to access financing for our snap on veneers 

We offer 3rd party financing with 0% interest (if you qualify) thru Affirm. We also offer in-house financing (where everyone is approved) if Affirm does not happen to work out for you. The in-house financing works like this: 50% down up front, and then the final 50% is due before we ship you the veneers.

Anyone who needs removable veneers, therefore, can get in touch and apply to see if they are eligible for these services.

This service has been very instrumental in helping thousands of people to restore their smiles even when they do not have the immediate finances needed to cover the expenses. Our teeth veneers feature a design that helps them improve the smile by concealing issues such as crooked, missing teeth, gaps, or discolored teeth.

It is imperative to note that clip-on veneers are quite different from traditional veneers. They are only ideal for temporary use, which means that they are much simpler to set as compared to other veneers. Other differences include:

  • There is no need for drilling.
  • They cost less as compared to traditional veneers.
  • You don’t need to consult a dentist to install them.
  • They can be replaced easily.
  • They can be worn on and off at will.

It is possible to eat with clip-on veneers, although it’s not advisable to do so. This is because clip-on veneers can be affected by certain foods, and this can affect their longevity. People with clip-on veneers, therefore, are advised to remove them before they embark on eating. This will ensure the client is safe and preserve the veneers.

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